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What makes 3 Pixels so amazing? instead of boring old school photos 3 pixels takes it up a few notches we not only turn the photo professional but we make you a star with more than 100 awesome backgrounds custom design logos to suit your school orientation.
As a Master you want the best for your school, with 3PP you will be advertised in our webpage for free with no hidden cost! People will share your photo with your school details and Phone numbers so you get to be popular for FREE. All you need to do is get as many students to participate in our exiting Photo Event Photo Day at your school and we do the rest.
+ for your excellence you will receive a free portrait of yourself and for all your instructors will get a digital photo so you can use in your website, a free promo video and a password protected gallery for you to download your awesome photo whenever you want,
what we will do is take an amazing photo of you striking an amazing pose and you pick a background (100 to choose from) and while you sit and relax at home the photos will be done in no time ( crazy right) ???? book your school in with 3 pixels photo before it's to late!

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